Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Lego duplo

Three and a half year old and duplo are a match made in heaven ! We can spend a whole afternoon building and playing with the sets he already has. It's wonderful watching him making up stories and little voices for all the people and animals he has, 

We love to build towers aswell, that's a favourite thing to do with blocks, we have started counting while we build and seeing how tall we can make the tower, also colour sorting the blocks into piles so aswel as lego being fun it can also be educational , Bodhi's most loved sets are his batman & joker set I picked this up just before Christmas last year in Sainsbury's at under £20 , he also loves the ice cream set this was a gift from my sister but that is around £10-£12 he likes to play ice cream vans and shops. 
So many other ideas on Pinterest ( as always ) for lego and duplo , I will be adding to his duplo collection this christmas , but only a few sets as I'm sure it won't be long before he wants the Lego Lego, but I feel that duplo really is the better of the two options up until around 7/8 years old due to the small parts and complexity of the sets. 

I am loving the forest sets and bodhi already has the zoo set so I feel they will blend together well same with the food set to add to the ice cream set, so he can have a Lego cafe !! The forest sets start from around £6/£8 up to £20/£30 for the bigger and the food set is £12-£15 I will be keeping an eye on Amazon and also in stores as I'm sure coming up to christmas they will be on offers or save 25% or save 1/3