Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Homemade ice lollies

Today the weather is hot hot hot ! Bodhi and I spent the morning in the garden , at 10am it was already 24c and now at 4pm its 27c I felt it was time to make some ice lollies. bodhi gets a "little" hyped if we let him have ice cream or sugar loaded shop ice lollies. 

I got the moulds from my local cheapy shop ! Bargin at only £1.49 and you can make x8 good size lollies, this time of year most shops have a summer range in and your can pick moulds up from a few ££ or you can look online for a range of moulds 

Making our ice lollies was very very simple, I made up a jug of juice ( Bodhi's favourite summer fruits by robinsons ) bodhi placed a few fresh blueberries into the bottom of each mould and with some help he added the juice then they went into the freezer, they froze while he was at afternoon nursery and it has taken him over 15 minutes to eat his lolly in his words it's 

" it's blueberries and juice but really really cold and hard so I can't bite it , I'll lick it ! Maybe I'll have another one for pudding ?? " 

And also his is mess free ! If he had eaten an ice cream he would be a big sticky mess now and hyped up to his eyes on sugar! He enjoyed trying to get the blueberries out of the ice ( reminded me of when you visit the zoo in the summer and they give the animals meat ice lollies ) 

We will be making more of these over the summer months, I've been looking on Pinterest for idea! Loveing the idea of adding more fruit to the juice and different flavours luckily Robinson have a fab range and I'm going to stock up later tonight when I go into work.

Also wanting to play around with the smoothie ideas? Gotta love Pinterest right ? 

Monday, 29 June 2015

Jurassic world 4DX review

As someone who gets headaches from viewing a 3D film at the cinema I was worried how I'd feel watching 4DX for those of you that have no idea what 4DX is picture 3D and then one up, 

To start with the picture is a lot clearer and it feels less chessey and more like you are within the screen, then the seat! Well its a little bit like being on a roller coaster ride ! At first I really didn't like it and I felt like it took away from the film but once I relaxed the movement of the seats drew me into the film, other " moive enhances " such as water/air/smells and fog the only one I didn't enjoy was the water but lucky this option you could turn off on your seat, the cost of 4DX is more then 2D/3D but you do get more for your money if anything just the leg room less seats per row are worth the money ! 

Now for the film its self ! Wow loved it !!! I was six when Jurassic park came out I didn't see it at the cinema but I do remember renting it from blockbusters with my dad when I was maybe 8/9 years old, I loved it then and I still do now ! So when I heard a new one was coming out I knew I had to see it at the cinema and I'm glad I saw it in 4DX as I felt it really added to this type of action film. 

Cineworld Milton Keynes is the only cinema in the UK that offers 4DX and as I only live just dos. The road it really was a no brainier 

If you haven't seen Jurassic world yet go now! Stop what you are doing and go now! It's a 12A and a few parts would scare some children. Bodhi has yet to have experience the cinema ( looking to change this real soon ) but this trip was a perfect date night 

Saturday, 27 June 2015

Love is love

I don't often watch the news or read the headlines. I like to live in my own little bubble of Jess world, but I am really pleased that now everyone can be married in the states , like the title says love is love! I have friends who are gay and married living in the UK and most of them seem to be happier and more in love then my straight friends !!

Tho I may not be following with the facebook profile change thing that is taking over my newsfeed I am happy for everyone this will effect and wish everyone a very long and happy marriage ! 💛💙💜💚❤️

Visit the guardian online for full story and some beautiful photos of same sex partners getting married after being together for year, some over 30 years ! 


Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Dolmio new pasta & sauce ( tomato & garlic ) review

I picked up a box of the new dolmio pasta & sauce kit from Asda a few weeks ago for only £1 ! What a bargin , the box says it serves two so I thought it would be perfect for lunch or a dinner when it was just me and the boy ! 

Everything you need to make the dish was inside the box, and I could have easily added more spaghetti to have fed all three of us, the only things I did add was some bacon bits that needed using up and cheese to top. 

I was very impressed with just how simple it was to make, and fast. But tasted like a home cooked meal. Bodhi helped me with the mixing and the pouring. We sat down to eat dinner and Bodhi's plate was clean with in minutes. Thumbs up all around from us. Well done dolmio,

I also felt this would make a simple and tasty base for adding meatballs or mince or any thing you like really, I will be stocking up on these when I next go into asda. 

Very tasty and full of flavour with no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. I am also keen to try the rest of the range from this new line.  

Monday, 22 June 2015

Father's Day

Chris is bodhi's dad, my husband and both of our best friends. After my own dad he is the best dad I know! He would do anything for his son and we both love him so much for it, 

I work Sunday's all day so we did Father's Day on Saturday afternoon once he was home from work, me and bodhi spent Saturday morning making daddy a beautiful card ( the picture is of lulu ( our cat ) and a coconut ) as it would be, and bodhi also got a suprize gift from school , I paid £2 and in return he got a slip to take to the " shop " and he could pick from socks or terry choclate oranges this was the logic behind bodhis choice

" daddy has lots of socks, and I thought if he could chocoate he might share with me " 

Smart kid!! I had also picked up a daddy and me book from Sainsbury's for only £2.99 it's very sweet and filled with pages to edit yourself family trees and daddy / son stuff ! 

Months ago from the works I picked up the book daddy's little bear by Gemma Cary & delia ciccarelli as chris often calls bodhi his little bear so it seemed very fitting, the story was very heart warming and sweet to listen being read at bed time ( I wanted to get a photo but felt it might spoil the moment ) and the last gift daddy got was a ty beanie of a gorilla saying number 1 dad ! Also very fitting !! 


Saturday, 20 June 2015

New blog


I'm Jess,I youtube & Instagram and I am trying to build a blog, I used Wordpress for a while ( jessandbodhi.wordpress.com ) but I couldn't really gel with it, so I am giving blogger a go 

Me in a nut shell I'm 28 years old , married to husband chris ( nearly 7 years , together nearly 10 ) we have a 3 1/2 year old son together called Bodhi  , we live just outside London and I sometimes feel a little empty inside and I have found enjoyment from youtube & Instagram and I felt blogging was the next step, 

I have a list of blog posts I want / need to do this coming week. But yeah all very new to me so if anyone is reading this a little wave and a hello would be lovely