Friday, 28 August 2015

August update

Hello everyone, 

Sorry I haven't posted in a while lots going on in the month of August ! So little update for you all .... 

I passed my driving test two week ago (yaye) so I've Ben out driving lots in our family car to get my confidence up. And I killed a pigeon 🐦🚗😭 I was very shaken up by this and now I feel like wifdlife is out to get my as while driving yesterday two squirrels ran across the road , I didn't hit them but yeah I did panic a little, apart from that driving is going well, I've driven alone and myself to and from work ! So yeah that was pretty big thing this month.

We bured my great aunts ashes at whipsande tree cathedral, and that was lovely. I feel she will be very happy in he resting place with the flowers and birds. It was sad but also peaceful that she is now in her final resting place.

My mum dad sister and her children all went on hoilday for just over a week, I felt really lonely with out them , I'm very close with my family and speak / see them most days. I did have a few very sad lonely days while they were on holiday. But they are back now and looking forward to catching up with them all. 

Home improvements well.... We are having our back boiler replaced for a combi, this means new pipes  in and out of the house. Ripping out of the old boiler and yeah... Lots of mess stress and money ! But will be worth it once it's done as our old back boiler is costing us a load of money on heating, it's cold and noisy and takes up space into our living room , so I'll be happy once that is all finished. 

I have also been having a rough time with my health. I have a condition known as endometriosis and yeah it's kicking my ass lately, I need to get back and push for another surgery but to be honest I just don't have the energy!! 

And today is Friday and for a rare treat I've booked the night off from work to spend some time with the husband ( it's our 7 th wedding anniversary on Sunday ) we have a steak dinner and chocolate pudding planed ! Bodhi is going for a sleep over at his aunts & uncles so very much looking forward to just chilling out with chris , watch a few DVDs cuddles and a nice lay in on Saturday. 

So that's you guys all caught up with me ! I will try to update more often I have a few reviews/posts half written that I just need to get around to finishing. 

Much love , Jess 

Monday, 3 August 2015

Bubblegum slime

So after hours spent looking and pinning things on good old Pinterest , I made something !! Bubblegum slime is really simple and fast to make, and only uses two household items. Cornflour and washing up liquid !! 

Mix  1 cup of corn flour and 1/2 cup of washing up liquid , this will make the slime very sticky and wet so if you want it dryer then add more cornflour. I used Apple fairy and pommengrante fairy this mixed with the White of the cornflour made the smile pink and green. 

I let bodhi do what he liked with it, we both got very messy and hands covered in the slime after a little while the slime became more dry and firm so we could mould withit, ( couldn't talk photos tho as I was covered i slime by this point ) 

Once bodhi got bored ( after about 40 mins ) I popped the slime ( now more like playdoh ) into the bin and washing hands with soap and hot water and all of the mess was gone ! Think next time I'd  do this  in the garden rather then the living room, but over all was run and simple to make, 

Might also add glitters or rice to it for texture , have fun