Tuesday, 27 February 2018

ZAK STORM! Hover craft, coins and app review

My son Bodhi is now six years old he is at that real see it want it age ( great isn't it ) so when the chance came along to review the new toy range from Zak storm i could hardly turn it down now could i ? 

So who is Zak storm? 

Zak is a teenage boy who steals his Dad’s necklace and gets sucked into The Seven Seas of the Bemuda Triangle during a surfing competition, The stolen necklace Zak has stolen, is actually the mythic eye of The Sea of Beru! Zak ends up as captain of a ship called The Chaos, and, along with a band of misfits, and a talking sword called Calabrass, he travels across The Seven Seas trying to find his way home!

Hover Vehicle £14.99 ( smythstoys )
Speed into high-flying action with Zak and his racing-red Hover Vehicle, which features a cool missile launcher for lots of battling play! The vehicle includes a Zak action figure and a collectibles treasure coin. Just scan the code into the free down loadable Zak Storm Super Pirate app to receive digital rewards — such as weapons, powers, worlds, and health that help you progress.

Zak storm collectible coins 4 pack £4.99 ( smythstoys ) 

You’ll find lots of hidden surprises inside this colourful 4-pack of collectibles treasure coins. Each coin features a unique QR code that you scan into the Zak Storm Super Pirate app to reveal digital rewards, including weapons, powers, and health. The more coins you collect, the more loot you get! 

So not only can you free play with the toys ( other play sets available online ) you can play online via the free app and you can watch the cartoons ( we watch on pop channel ) Bodhi really enjoyed scanning the QR codes from the coins and finding out what digital reward to would get. Him and his dad have taken to playing the game together ( i think this is partly to do with it being loaded on daddy's phone) but its nice to see them both enjoying the game. Its free to download.

I wish more cartoons had toys and apps that linked back into the TV show, I can't say i fully understand the workings of my six year old but i know when he is happy and bless him he is most happy when he is playing , having phone time or control of the TV remote so i would say that Zak storm has ticked all of these boxes, my favourite part? definitely when we cuddle up together to watch a episode of zak storm on TV just being bedtime.

( Items have been gifted to Bodhi in exchange for our views and review of the products)