Sunday, 18 March 2018

When plans get cancelled, Make your own fun #OreoCookieQuest

When you make plans after having kids it seems you need to make them so far in advance that you then sometimes forget they have even been made or worse outside factors come in to ruin them! these can be things such as sickness, travel & weather!

We are taking part in the  #OreoCookieQuest Challenge! this is all about creating, capturing and sharing joyful family moments with Oreo in celebration of the Great Oreo cookie quest ( more info about the Quest can be found via the Oreo website )

This weekend we had plans to get out to our local woods for a lovely spring walk and to take part in our own  #OreoCookieQuest Challenge! Seeing as how lovely the afternoon weather had been in the week ! but then BAM! snow ( again ) BUT this doesn't mean all hope is lost !

Bodhi our six year old son loves getting out side and enjoying every moment ! so we wrapped up warm and played out in the snow in our little garden. We played cops and robbers and then i was mummy polar bear and Bodhi was my Cub. We played until our hands went numb and i could no longer feel my face!

The best part of staying at home is you never have to worry about a parking space or the price of the refreshments ! I came inside to make us both a hot chocolate to warm us back up, x2 Oreos are the perfect treat to enjoy with a hot chocolate. It really is all about spending time together as a family. 

You can pick up the promotional packs in store now with these packs Oreo fans will also have the chance to win a once in a life time trip to California, wouldn't that be an amazing holiday and definitely one that you would make life long memories on.

Oreos are a fun and taste occasional treat that the whole family can enjoy in our house we all love the mint cream flavours and we are looking forward to trying out new and wild flavours when we visit Florida later on this year.

This is an entry for BritMums #OreoCookieQuest , Sponsored by Oreo

Saturday, 10 March 2018

Mother's day 2018 few ideas to keep mum happy

Mothers day can be a really hard day if you ask me.... as a mum myself i wonder what i will receive from my child ( He is six now so lucky i know he will atlas make a card at school ) as the husbands point of view is " well your not my mum are you? " no I'm not ..... but do you think our six year old will hop on the bus into town to pick me up a gift on his own??? so this year i put out a very vague request to PR companies asking if they had any products that they thought mums would like to receive this year for a mothers day gift,

1st bath products 

 you can't go wrong with something that smells nice and also gift it with the promise of a child free evening to enjoy said products? BLISS !! I was very kindly sent a bottle of Lavender pure castile liquid soap by Dr Bronner's the sent of this filled the whole house and left me feeling so relaxed, perfect for any stressed mum who has problems switching off in the evenings, comes in a range of scents and bottles sizes this size has a RRP of £7.69 a little goes a very long way tho , so i can see this bottle lasting me a while. 

2nd crafts 

I am a huge lover of crafts, i enjoying making and doing. these kits from The Makery are a great way to try something new without a huge outlay of cost, they have a range of kits to chose from my personal favourite has to be the purse kit , This has a RRP of £14.95 , I was also sent the letter embroidery hoop kit and the felt cuckoo clock craft kit these can both be found on the same website, I am looking forward to spending a afternoon with my mum making these crafts together.

3rd Gin

Now I'm not a big drinker but i know a lot of mums that enjoy a drink or two at the weekends, This Gin is amazing its  orange marmalade flavour and comes in a 70l bottle RRP is £23.95 , The Gin comes from the small Welsh village of Abergwyngregyn ( try saying that after you've had a few drinks! with a Celtic design on the orange bottle and it bold orange colour is a stand out from the crowd drink in style and taste. The drink uses the citrus flavours to offset the juniper, this leaves a balanced taste of sweet and bitter orange flavours, The drink has a warming aftertaste, And i was pleased that it was still clear in colour ( like all good Gin should be ) 

4th Self care

 I am a strong believer in self care and i have been enjoying relaxing after a bath with my new Gel gloves and socks on These are from JML and can be ordered online for £14.99 simply pop on the gloves and socks sit back and relax and after 15/20 minutes  of use you will feel softer , smother skin they also smell lovely thanks to being Infused with Olive Oil, Jojoba Oil and lavender. these would be a perfect gift for any mum, as who doesn't want softer skin ? I just wish these came in a less female colour as i know my dad would love to try these out for the hard skin on his feet!! ( I'm sure he wouldn't be too put off by the pink tho ) 

5th Gardening 

I enjoy spending time in our little garden but i would hate for this lovely William Morris hand trowel to get muddy, So i think it will be given light duties very much looking forward to warmer days to enjoy a cup of tea sitting out enjoying the outside space. 

6th plants

I love to have flowers in the house, But i find giving them as a gift can be very costly for something that just doesn't last. I would much rather gift or be gifted a plant, This houseplant ( azalea ) that comes with a ceramic pot is a steal at £9.99 from Dobbies garden centre they have a huge range to suit all tastes and budgets this would also be an idea for those who no longer have their mums to celebrate mother's day with, Either to place on a resting place or to keep in own sight to remember them by. 

7th homemade 

In my opinion homemade is the best way to go for mothers day, Bodhi came home from school on Friday with this beautiful drawing of me and daffodil plant, Now I'm not suggesting that i myself will be copying this idea for my mum or my mother in-law but from a young child i do think homemade/handmade is best. 

But please Bodhi ..... let mummy sleep past 8am .... okay?? 

** all items have been gifted to myself to be included within this mothers day blog post **