Thursday, 30 July 2015

Currently ( July )

Current celebration : summer holidays, ( even if the weather has been rubbish so far ) I am enjoying a slower pace to my days, not rushing lunches and rushing back for the 12:15 school run 

Current confession : I'm really poorly atm ( endo flare ) trying to hide it tho as not a lot I can do about it, but I am feeling pretty low within myself and I feel this is reflecting on my family life. I got sent some lovely flowers from hubby yesterday and made me cry that even tho I'm hiding it from people he still knows I'm struggling 

Current product find : I have just joined buzz agent and was very happy to be sent a box full of Jacobs new cracker/crips I did only get to try the sour cream flavour tho as chris found the chill and salt and vinegar ones while I was at work !!! He said they were very yummy ! 

Current plan : spent the next few weeks enjoying the summer with the boy and pass my driving test so we can go out and about, lots of days out, crafts, cooking and fun ! 

Current purchase : well trying to keep spending down really as saving for a new car, last thing I purchased was a block of driving lessons, and at £230 that isn't a cheap purchase 

Current drink : water water water, I need to drink more and I am trying. It's hard tho really hard.ive cut out fizzy tho pretty much only for treats and if I'm out. 

Current holy moly : the fact that I'm 28 and I don't really have my life sorted. Five years ago I would never have thought that I'd have a child , but yeah I need to sort my life out before 30 hits

Current tv show : me and chris have started watching daredevil over on Netflix it is pretty good only watched a few tho so will see how it pans out.

Current want : sleep, better health and driving license 

Current obsession : no idea......... No obsessions atm 

Monday, 6 July 2015

Flying with a three 1/2 year old

I am typing this mid flight , bodhi is trying to feed me Ella's kitchen raisin & spelt cookies one side and my mum is crocheting on the other side of me. ( she is making me hats and hair bands for my shoeboxes ) and I am trying to write this post while it really is fresh in my mind , I also have the prodigy playing on my iPod. poor dad is sitting the other side alone , maybe no so poor dad, he can just chill !! 

So flying with a child ..... I've done it for the last two years but with daddy's " help " this year I am flying solo as they say ( well not really as I have my mum and dad aswell ) 


Don't over pack hand luggage , bodhi is as I type playing with said cookie and a £1 minion pot ! Simple things sometimes are the best

Take your child's fav juice/ water bottle (empty) then once you are flight side you can fill it up from the water fountain 

Take snacks, your child will eat them , if not you will ! I have brought a mix in my " snack bag " we have Ella's kitchen / kettle chips / Arctic paws ( bear ) / Mr Kipling 

Bring a hard lolly for take off and landing this will not only help with your child's ears popping it will also keep them quiet with landing and take off as this can be a rather boring time with trays up and games put away

iPad if you have one let you child use it !! I have used up all of my storage downloading cartoons from bbc Iplayer this is free and can be used without the need of the Internet so can also be used while you are away as they stay on your pad for 28 days

I picked up a children magazine for Bodhi few days before our flight and for once I wanted the one with the most free gifts as these are great time wasters in the flight, he picked (friends) it's filled with colouring , games, stories and the free gift was a peppa pig camp stove set with a frying pan and egg he spent around 15-20 mins playing with this making me and others near by cooked eggs. 

Not a great photo I know used the iPad !! 

Last tip from me, poundshop ! 

Get a few small toys and wrap them up I have done one for each 1/2 hour this one was a pack of two finger skate boards and a bike him and nanny are building a skate park from the free news paper and the packaging ! These items are great as they are new and seen as a gift due to the wrapping and also if they get lost/broke. Who cares it was a few ££ 

So we have another hour and half on the flight I have now swaped seats with my mum so I can finish typing this and I've now got both ear buds in ! May even buy myself a drink ( oh wait I don't drink !! ) 

Hope you've enjoyed this blog please comment any tips you have from your travels