Monday, 22 June 2015

Father's Day

Chris is bodhi's dad, my husband and both of our best friends. After my own dad he is the best dad I know! He would do anything for his son and we both love him so much for it, 

I work Sunday's all day so we did Father's Day on Saturday afternoon once he was home from work, me and bodhi spent Saturday morning making daddy a beautiful card ( the picture is of lulu ( our cat ) and a coconut ) as it would be, and bodhi also got a suprize gift from school , I paid £2 and in return he got a slip to take to the " shop " and he could pick from socks or terry choclate oranges this was the logic behind bodhis choice

" daddy has lots of socks, and I thought if he could chocoate he might share with me " 

Smart kid!! I had also picked up a daddy and me book from Sainsbury's for only £2.99 it's very sweet and filled with pages to edit yourself family trees and daddy / son stuff ! 

Months ago from the works I picked up the book daddy's little bear by Gemma Cary & delia ciccarelli as chris often calls bodhi his little bear so it seemed very fitting, the story was very heart warming and sweet to listen being read at bed time ( I wanted to get a photo but felt it might spoil the moment ) and the last gift daddy got was a ty beanie of a gorilla saying number 1 dad ! Also very fitting !!