Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Homemade ice lollies

Today the weather is hot hot hot ! Bodhi and I spent the morning in the garden , at 10am it was already 24c and now at 4pm its 27c I felt it was time to make some ice lollies. bodhi gets a "little" hyped if we let him have ice cream or sugar loaded shop ice lollies. 

I got the moulds from my local cheapy shop ! Bargin at only £1.49 and you can make x8 good size lollies, this time of year most shops have a summer range in and your can pick moulds up from a few ££ or you can look online for a range of moulds 

Making our ice lollies was very very simple, I made up a jug of juice ( Bodhi's favourite summer fruits by robinsons ) bodhi placed a few fresh blueberries into the bottom of each mould and with some help he added the juice then they went into the freezer, they froze while he was at afternoon nursery and it has taken him over 15 minutes to eat his lolly in his words it's 

" it's blueberries and juice but really really cold and hard so I can't bite it , I'll lick it ! Maybe I'll have another one for pudding ?? " 

And also his is mess free ! If he had eaten an ice cream he would be a big sticky mess now and hyped up to his eyes on sugar! He enjoyed trying to get the blueberries out of the ice ( reminded me of when you visit the zoo in the summer and they give the animals meat ice lollies ) 

We will be making more of these over the summer months, I've been looking on Pinterest for idea! Loveing the idea of adding more fruit to the juice and different flavours luckily Robinson have a fab range and I'm going to stock up later tonight when I go into work.

Also wanting to play around with the smoothie ideas? Gotta love Pinterest right ?