Monday, 3 August 2015

Bubblegum slime

So after hours spent looking and pinning things on good old Pinterest , I made something !! Bubblegum slime is really simple and fast to make, and only uses two household items. Cornflour and washing up liquid !! 

Mix  1 cup of corn flour and 1/2 cup of washing up liquid , this will make the slime very sticky and wet so if you want it dryer then add more cornflour. I used Apple fairy and pommengrante fairy this mixed with the White of the cornflour made the smile pink and green. 

I let bodhi do what he liked with it, we both got very messy and hands covered in the slime after a little while the slime became more dry and firm so we could mould withit, ( couldn't talk photos tho as I was covered i slime by this point ) 

Once bodhi got bored ( after about 40 mins ) I popped the slime ( now more like playdoh ) into the bin and washing hands with soap and hot water and all of the mess was gone ! Think next time I'd  do this  in the garden rather then the living room, but over all was run and simple to make, 

Might also add glitters or rice to it for texture , have fun