Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Naturelly - jelly juice

Bodhi and I were very kindly sent a box of new jelly juice from naturelly to try out ! We received x6 100g gram pouches in three differnt flavours tropical fruits, summer fruits and apple & black currant 

1st impressions from that packing are very good, it's bright eye catching and clearly shows the fruits used for each flavour. Twist off cap insures a mess free enjoyment, and with the soft pouch bodhi had no problem with eating his jelly juice. 

In his words it was " yummy / soft / fruity / tasty " I also tried some and it tasted of the fruits and had texture of jelly that had been mixed up in the bowl. 

Naturelly are free from gelatine / gluten / wheat / dairy / nuts & bees this is great news if your little one has any food intolerance. They have no added sugar or sweeteners each pouch has 7.7g of natural sugars found in the fruits. Also made in the UK and have added vitamin A,C & E 

We have taken these pouches out on day trips, packed lunches and car snacks. Bodhi who is nearly four loves them, we also took some for my 86 year old nan to try as she is a huge lover of smoothies. She enjoyed the pouches aswell 

Over all we give them two thumbs up .