Sunday, 27 March 2016

Sticker albums yay or nay?

When I was younger I loved nothing more then walking to our local newsagents with my older sister to buy packets of stickers with my pocket money, I had a lot of albums growing up as did my sister. The shiny stickers, specials and the worst of all the doubles!!! 

In my last visit to poundland I found a sticker album that came with 20 packets of stickers for you guessed it only £1 !! With sticker packets normally costing between 50p-£1 I thought this was a real bargain and would be a perfect first sticker album for Bodhi. 

The sticker album is animal planet it has a range of activities games and the  normal finding the numbers for the stickers, i'm using the packets of stickers as awards for when bodhi has good behaviour or has done something outstanding he's loving matching the numbers on the back of the stickers to the Page numbers so without him really realising he's also doing maths work at home also the act of sticking the stickers straight in within the lines is great for his motor skills

I went back into the pound shop and picked up another four packs of these albums as I know that Bodhi will want to complete his collection and there is no bigger pet hate when filling out and sticker book then when the stickers are no longer available

What are your views on sticker albums does your child have one is it something you think you'd get for them even at the more expensive price per pack these could be great incentives for reward charts and good behaviour I look forward to filling in the whole album with Bodhi