Monday, 4 April 2016

Mum time is important!

So it's Monday, Monday's my husband goes out from 6-9ish so once Bodhi is in bed ( by around 7 ) I have 2 hours to myself. Me time , time that I can do what ever I want ( well within reason as Bodhi is asleep ) what would you do ? What could I do ??? Ideas ..... 

Bubble bath
Watch rubbish on TV
Watch rubbish on Netflix 
Go to bed mega early
Change hair colour
Pluck eyebrows
Write a blog post
Write lists & ideas for blog posts
Social media 
Make Phone calls
Eat ice cream
Watch YouTube
Meal plan
Online shopping
Online food shopping

What did I do tonight ? Well I had a bubble bath ( washed hair & shaved my legs !! ) while watching greys anatomy on Netflix on my iPad, then I have painted my toe nails sorted my eyebrows and now I am writing this post and after this my plan is to spend some time looking on Pinterest for kitchen ideas while watching modern family. Then hubby will be home and it will be time for walking dead and we can eat ice cream together !! Bliss 

Do you make time for yourself ? If not you really should even if it's just 10-15 minutes while dinner is cooking I'll sit in the kitchen and catch up with social media and ram a chocolate bar in my gob !!! 

Much love fellow mums!