Thursday, 9 June 2016

Ikea Stress

I love buying things second hand for many reasons, the biggest is the saving money, so when i saw on a local Facebook selling page the same Ikea bed id been lusting over for Bodhi for a bargain £20 i knew i had to have it !! only problem was the seller was moving house at the end of the week and Chris couldn't go get it before then ( no way i could have fitted it all in my little car ) so i asked if i could pay another £10 for them to bring it over and yesterday afternoon it arrived , 

Well this is when the stress started ! The photo below is from the Ikea website of the bed they stock... BUT they used to also stock the same bed with blue or pink ( the bed we have got is the blue model ) so i was thinking i was being smart by downloading the instructions for the white bed thinking they would be the same ( i was very very wrong ) it seems that our blue bed is Ikea bed 1.0 and said white bed in photo is Ikea bed 1.1 so yeah.... it was a little bit like trying to cook a recipe by only using the photos as the instructions are in a different language ! 
With a lot of help from my mum, dad , husband ( and Bodhi ) we got the bed made in a little over three hours! Bodhi is so please with his big boy bed and it is pretty big !! it takes up nearly all of the box room , So it looks like the change over of bed rooms will be bumped up the to do list. 

The bed new from Ikea would have costs 

£130 for the bed frame ( KURA reversible )
£12.50 for the bed tent 
£35 delivery or who knows how much if we had driven to pick it up (can't go into Ikea for just one thing knowing me i'd have spent over £30 on candles and meatballs )
plus for the mattress ( we got the mattress within the £30 over all cost ) 

So over all buying second hand we saved over £150 this saved money will be put towards the new carpet for the boys room, so yes it was a huge pain in the bum and without my families help I'd still be making the sodding thing but it is done now and Bodhi is over the moon to have it so its worth the stress in the end! 

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