Friday, 22 July 2016

Fun With Fruit ( A-Z cooking with kids summer 16 )

A-Z Cooking With Kids

We are join in with A-Z cooking with kids ( summer 16 ) with our blogging and mummy friend becky from 3princessesand1dude I picked the letter F as i knew i wanted to do something with fruit. Bodhi known in our family as a fruit bat he would eat it until it comes out of his ears at the moment one of his favouite fruits are grapes, I also love just how easy and mess free they are for snacks on the go. With this idea tho things can get a little messy and i should also add that Bodhi is nearly 5 and he understands that he needs to chew them before he swallows ( I used to cut them in half for him until only a few months ago ) 

For this you will need 

grapes ( any colour you like and as many or few as you feel your family will eat these will keep for 2-3 days in the fridge in a air tight box) 
chocalote ( again the choice is yours we found milk & white works best tho ) 
nuts ( none salted and once again any you and your family like, we used a mixed bag ) 
cocktail sticks 


1) Wash your hands! ( 1st rule of cooking )

2) pop a hand full of nuts into a sandwich bag and with a rolling pin let your child give it a good bashing until the nuts are crushed ( But not dust )

3) melt chocolate ( i find the easiest way to do this is in 30 second blasts in the micovwave ) 

4) place your ingreadions in a little line ( Grapes/ Melted chocolate/ Nuts ) 

5) stabb a grape with a cocktail stick pop into the melted chocolate then into the nut then place it onto a plate covered in grease proof paper ) 

6) once finished place the whole plate into the fridge for around and hour for the chocolate to set 


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