Saturday, 23 July 2016

Martina The sea turtle - club petz ( Review & Give away IMC )

The lovely people at IMC toys sent us our very own Martina turtle to play with and review, The toy is for 18 months plus ( I would say this is down to the moving parts & batteries ) Martina The Little Turtle is from  the Club Petz range of animals. Martina is the shy one of the club petz gang,  It's important to talk to her gently or she'll get scared and start making strange noises! ( as you can see in the video )  

Bodhi is 4 1/2 and he really enjoyed playing with Martina and talking to her softly and watching her walk around the living room , The only downside from my point of view is that she has no volume setting and her song will get stuck in your head. 

I love the idea of teaching your child about using a quiet voice when around animals to not scare them so lets face it sometimes child can be a little bit on the loud side. Bodhi has a pet tortoise and he couldn't wait for the two of them to meet, ( I did turn Martina off while Tuc was out as he really doesn't like load noises ) it was lovely to see Bodhi playing so nicely with his pet & new toy 

You can also use Martina on 'Try me' mode in this mode she will not react to sound but will walk and sing if you push the button on her shell. once set to on she will sign a happy sound and sign when you are clam and quiet with her and a scared and upset song if you are to loud she also walks in this mode. 

when in the on mode once she is set off to be either happy or sad she will walk and sing for 30 secodons in this time she will not react to anything. You can push the button on her shell in this time to make her stop singing and walking. 

You can buy Martina and other members of the club petz range online or in stores such as toys r us , argos and others her RRP is £39.99 I feel this is a fair price for the toy itself it would be nice if she had an accessory or a food item. 

I also have Martina turtle for one of my lovely readers 

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