Friday, 1 July 2016

The mummy tag

I was tagged for this mummy tag by Lauren over at blogger mummy lauren I've never taken part in a blogging tag before so i thought this would be a perfect one for my first !

Are you a stay-at-home or working mum ?

I work part time, 2 evenings and Sundays in my local sainsburys , i was full time as a team leader before having Bodhi.  

Would you have it any other way? 

I would love to not work work , but i know that won't happen unless Hubby takes on more and that just isn't fair on him. Its the Sunday really as i feel like I'm always missing out on family fun stuff.

Do you co-sleep? 

No, Bodhi is now 4 1/2 he will sometimes get into bed with us if he has a bad dream or isn't feeling well but he never starts off in our bed. i personally feel co-sleeping past the age of breast feeding is making it harder in the long run.

Newborn must have? 

A place for the baby to sleep upstairs and downstairs !

How many kids do you plan on having? 

one and done, and i am really getting sick of people asking when I'm having another child

Date night - how often ? 

Date night is most often a trip to the movies and this suits me fine , a chance to sit down and eat snacks, we don't have set date nights maybe once a month sometimes less

Whats your child's favourite TV show ? 

Bodhi loves watching anything and everything. He is getting into things on netflix and these seem to be mostly cartoon based rubbish, but if it keeps him happy

What's one thing you bought for your newborn and never used? 

Breast pump, i breast fed for the 1st six months but couldn't get the hang of using the pump so i would express by hand and god... it took ages!

Kids favourite food? 

Bodhi will eat pasta every day if i let him , he is a pretty good eater tho all round but he has gone off a few things in the last few months such as potatoes this is making meal times harder then i like

How many cars does your family have ? 

Chris and i have a car each

Weight gain - before , during and after pregnancy ? 

I put on around a stone 1/2 in pregnancy but it was all baby and didn't put weight on only the bump, and lucky after having him i pretty much went back to my normal size and weight.

Whats your dream family holiday ? 

Disney ! I've never been and i really want to take the boys.

Whats your dream holiday without the kids? 

I'm not sure if id want to go away with out Bodhi, But if i had to maybe a little beach hut tiny island type holiday.

Hows has life changed since having kids? 

I have a whole new group of friends, social life, work life, sleep pattern, everything really has changed I've had to become a grown up aswel as a mum

Finish the sentence - It makes my heart melt when .... 

I see Bodhi happy

Where do i shop for my kids? 

All over the place, mostly supermarkets and primark as my son grows like a weed ! he is 4 1/2 but in 5-6 clothes and size 11 shoes

Whats your favourite make up and skincare? 

I really don't have time for make up and as for skin care, i wash my face after i brush my teeth with clean & clear that's as good as its going to get

Huggies or Pampers? 

When i used nappies i always shopped around and brought what was on offer if not id buy supermarkets own brands.

Have you always wanted kids? 

No, not until 2010 when my sister had her youngest i had been married for two years by this point and it just felt like the right next step.

Best thing about being a mum ? 

Having a best friend and getting to teach him things that he doesn't know, playing silly games and cuddling up to read a book or watch a DVD just life is pretty good with my little triangle family.

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