Friday, 28 October 2016

Seaside Carbonara : Family Recipes with Bright Horizons : Jess & Bodhi

In our house mummy does all of the cooking, Daddy is a little bit hopeless he can cook pizza & pasta and that is about his limit. I really want Bodhi to learn basic cooking skills and i have to say he really enjoys helping out in the kitchen. When Bright horizons - Family recipes needed a meal reviewing i couldn't say no. Not only did we get sent the family recipes book we also received a eat, sleep , doodle apron. Bodhi enjoyed colouring this in and writing his name on it while i got out all of the ingrentents

Whatever the time of year, its important to eat a healthy and balanced meals that you and your family will enjoy. Cooking is an excellent way for children to learn about nutrition while spending that quality time together. Bright horizons has collated a selection of family favourite recipes for you all to enjoy. 

We picked to make the Seaside carbonara , we made it at nanny & granddads house as our kitchen is like a building site due to well...building work! We cooked for 4 grown up and a bottomless pit 5 year old, I pretty much doubled up on the pasta & salmon 

The recipe was very easy to follow and used everyday ingredients, for the full recipe and ingredients list visit Bright Horizons recipe page We are going to be making the Lamb & rosemary hot pot next Bodhi loved helping out with the cooking steps , 1st job was to pick fresh chives from the herb patch. 

next job he could help with ( with some extra help from granddad as his knifes are super sharp ) was to cut the courgettes into slices, now Bodhi doesn't like courgettes but i was hoping as he had helped with the cooking he might be willing to try them again. 

In my view cooking should be a fun thing to do rather then to be seen as a chore, Bodhi soon got into my way of thinking by making me a lovely courgettes smiley face! 

Back to the cooking tho! We now had to flake the salmon and add lemon juice. Bodhi loves salmon and most other types of fish, Salmon to me is a fish with many uses within cooking and it isn't too fishy ( if that doesn't sound crazy ?? ) 

The last job that i felt nearly 5 year old Bodhi could help me with was zesting the lemon to add to the pasta dish, Bodhi really enjoyed using granddads zester and told me he was getting very hungry for dinner now! 

Bodhi helped to lay the table for dinner while i finished off the cooking ( I did also add in mushrooms and red onion this is 100% up to your familes likes and dislikes ) The cooking time even with Bodhi's  help was less then half an hour not bad going for a cooked from scratch meal.

Bodhi ate all of his dinner ( apart from the courgettes ) he even asked for a second helping, The dish was easy to make, tasty and full of flavor it will definitely be going on my meal plan! 
Their recipes also appear in nurseries all over the country – the closest nursery to me that uses these recipes is bramingham in Luton you can see more about the Nursery's at  nurseries in london