Friday, 7 October 2016

Urban Armor Gear UAG - iPhone 5sc case * REVIEW *

As a blogger my iPhone is very important to me add into that I'm also a mum its REALLY important ! I have an iPhone 5C in the colour yellow and i really do love it its linked to my iPad and my iMac and makes my life simple , I often use my phone for Photos and keeping Bodhi happy by letting him play games on it, So to me its safety is really important i don't want to jinx myself but i am yet to drop my phone and have it damaged and thats how id like it to stay !

When asked to review a urban armour gear case i had to say yes! when the cased arrived i was very happy with the design and over all look of the phone ( only down side for me was the range of colours )

Urban armor gear features 

* Impact resistant - My phone has been dropped a few times from my pocket and once thanks to Bodhi , It has stayed safe and in one piece thankful
* Easy side access - volume buttons and mute switch are uncovered 
* skid pads - extra protection on the corners 
* feather light - the case is light weight and easy to pop over your phone
* Glare free flash - the camera is left uncovered by the case
* HD screen protector - perfect add on to keep the screen safe from scratches 

I wouldn't go back to a fashion phone cover now after using the UAG you can buy them online via the website they also stock a range for other phones such as samsung / microsoft / LG / HTC / motorola and they also do covers for iPads & MacBooks the cost of my phone case was $34.95 ( thats £28.18 ) this may seen a high price for a phone case but when you think about how much a new phone would cost it really isn't a bad price! 

** i was sent my phone case in return for a blog post review **