Monday, 30 October 2017

Halloween Party host from home

We love Halloween in our house so i said Bodhi could invite a few friends over for a Halloween party  while they had half term from school, This ended up with x5 5 year old friends and then x6 little brothers and sisters plus the x4 mums! so we had a pretty full house!!

we was SO lucky with the weather on the day of the party , It was dry and sunny so i opened up the doors onto the garden so they kids could run around and play. We also had a few games and crafts planed. few tips if you are thinking of hosting a little party for Halloween or any event.

1- Time the party for after lunch time, This way the children should be in better moods then if they needed feeding. We did a few snacks and this kept everyone happy. Also something to keep in mind if you are inviting younger children who will still need to fit in nap time.

2- Don't stress if no one wants to play games or so the crafts you have planed, Remember they are children and they will be happy just running around ( we had balloons in the garden this was a huge hit )

3- Don't feel the need to have too many sweet treats on offer, Kids who are full of sugar will most likely then turn into little rat bags!

4- State a end time for the party or it could well drag out for hours! Much better to have a few hours of fun then everyone leaves before children ( or parents ) get over tried.


eyeball toss - now this pretty much is beer pong ..... but without the beer really! i picked up a bag of eyeballs ( any pingpong type balls will do ) get the children to line up and try to get the ball into the cup, Its harder then it looks trust me! The children enjoyed picking up the eyeballs from the floor when they was waiting in line.

roll the dice game - Lots of different ways to play this game, We kept it simple and they sat around the table with a paper cup each and a spoon, taking it in turns to roll the dice , if someone rolled a 6 they could use the spoon to try and move sweets from the bowl into their cup ! but only using their mouth, the other players keep rolling and once someone else rolls a 6 they then get a turn. All of the children got a turn but some did better then others in moving the sweets ( I had extra sweets to give out at the end so it was fair ) 

We used the sweets from the game to decorate biscuits , This kept them all quiet and it gave me a chance to make the mums a cup of tea, The last craft we did was something i had half done before the party by cutting an apple in half and painting orange and printing onto paper this left the print of a pumpkin, The children drew pumpkin faces on to the prints to take home.

Everyone had a good time and all of the children said how much they enjoyed the games and arts & crafts , i did also make them a little party bag each to go home with, I filled these with items that i picked up after last Halloween so really only cost me penny to fill, only thing i brought new was the sweets! 

So that was our little Halloween party and no doubt i will be hosting one again next year ! I hope you have enjoyed this blog post and please leave a comment if you have been to any Halloween parties or events this year.