Monday, 23 November 2015

Tears and trifle

Earlier this year my great aunt Kath passed away, and it's still upsetting when I think that I'll never see her again or spend a Christmas with her. Every year Kath would make a trifle that was more booze then jelly. So when I came across hartleys glitter jelly ( in raspberry ) for sake in Sainsbury's for 70p I thought maybe I could carry on the Christmas tradition of auntie kaths trifle.

The next day bodhi and I did a test run to make sure their,lay was up to the task and I was so simple to make , the jelly comes in powerd form rather then jelly blocks just add boiling water and mix. I used plastic cups for my jelly moulds as this meant I could make lots of smaller jelly ( as they don't do a sugar free option ) I was very impressed at just how glittery the jelly was once set and it didn't effect the taste or texture, bodhi loved it and has been enjoying it for puddings with cream! 

I feel that I will do auntie Kath proud this Christmas with my glitter trifle , I am going to buy this large glass trifle bowl from Sainsbury's at only £12 I thought it would be perfect for the job of housing the trifle. We are spending Christmas Day at my parents along with my sister and her three children so that will be nine mouths to feed 

I am looking forward to making the trifle with bodhi and taking about auntie Kath , I am hoping it's something one day he will do with his children. Our trifle won't have any booze but will be full of love and happy memories.