Monday, 29 February 2016

mothers day , what do we really want?

with mothers day less then a week away i was talking with some mum friends on the school run this morning about what is it mums really WANT for mothers day, the main comment was 'lay in' 'hot cup of tea' and an 'early night' but not like that ! so this got me thinking what is it i'd really like to be given as a gift for mothers day ( even tho i know that i won't get any of these ) as 1 my husband doesn't do mothers day for me from bodhi as I'm not HIS mum 2 he doesn't read my blog ( shocking no? ) and 3 I'm at work on the sunday so will be leaving the house well before the boys are even awake so not eve a chance of a cuppa in bed! but if i was to be playing mothers day this is my little list of five things that would make me feel special

1) a big metal J light to go on my desk, this one i found at a bargain £9.16 ( i may just have to order it at that price ) i also love the light boxes that you can change the wording in but i found this was a little more me. found at 

2) the unmumsy mum book , now i hinted at a copy of this for my birthday and didn't get it so i thought id add it back into my mothers day list. its stocked at my local sainsburys for a bargain £6.49 so again i might just treat myself!

3) now these are a real lush want item , i don't need a new toaster or kettle and in fact no point in buying lovely new ones until we have replaced our old kitchen but these by morph richards are real kitchen porn, in the sage green on sale for £79.99 in

4) raspberry pannacotta serector chocolate from hotel chocolate only £3.85 if you haven't tried these you haven't lived i am a big lover of fruits in my chocolate and these are lush! only a small bag mind but i think thats for the best

5) now this one i am really hoping will come true as ill be working until 5 so last thing i want to be doing once i get home is start cooking, we have a harvester not far from us and just feels less naughty then getting a take away. 

so thats what i would like in a nut shell what ill get? the gift from the secret shop at school that i gave body the £2 for ( and I'm guessing its going to be a Terrys chocolate orange ) as it was last fathers day and christmas when we did the secret shop at school. 

happy days!