Monday, 29 February 2016

World book day stress!

World book day is this week ! Whoops like really 3rd of March is this week?? I am still thinking we are in January, got the letter home from school on Friday and to be fair to the school I think they are doing it pretty well, have asked for only book characters and no "fancy dress" so bodhi and I sat down and looked at all of his book together sorting out a yes , no and hell no pile ( cat in the hat / box trolls / Thomas the tank engine ) 

The list came down to four books that I felt happy I could make a outfit from 

Harry and his bucket full of dinosaurs - red jumper / jeans / bucket with plastic dinosaurs

Charlie bucket from the chocolate factory - old clothes and golden ticket 

The three ninja pigs - make pig mask / blue jumper / blue joggers 

Peter Pan - £15 job by from TU Sainsbury's !! 

I left the choice up to Bodhi as it would be him who would be wearing it all morning at school, in the end he picked to be a ninja pig ( even if he did want to be the yellow one not the blue ) after much explaining just how hard it is to buy yellow trousers he agreed to be the blue ninja pig for world book day 2016 ! Yaye 

So now onto Pinterest to find a simple pig mask that I could make before Thursday !! I went with this one as a base and I will add a blue ninja mask, and plan B he has a knight outfit so can go as a knight from the round table or something !!!! * ninja pig turned out pretty well so no need for the fancy dress outfit, hoping the handmade/home made world book day outfit will get me some brownie points with the teachers ! Ha ha ha 

I wonder how many will still go dressed as ironman and none story Disney princess ? One of the things I've been looking forward to with bodhi growing up was things like dressing up at school but it really is just a big pain in the bum isn't it ?? They are doing a prize for best outfit for each year group , not holding out any hope that bodhi will win, but I know he will be getting a book token so that's good enough for me. 

I'm really pleased with the outcome and so is bodhi !! What/who is your child going to school on world book day as? Bring it on world book day 2016 !! Who know what bodhi will want to be for world book day 2017 tho !!!