Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Pancake day ideas

So it's pancake day or shrove Tuesday , Yaye pancakes for breakfast lunch and dinner ! Yum yum but why do we eat pancakes on this day every year? I doubt many children would really know..... So in a nut shell ( and what I will explain to bodhi later ) pancake day falls on the last Tuesday before Ash Wednesday and this is the 1st day of lent. In the past families would be use up all the yummy fatty foods before the start of lent, and the easier tasties way turned out to be pancakes. So it's like one last big blow out before the diet starts on Monday ! We will be having pancakes for pudding after dinner tonight as no time before school for making them and I think for lunch & dinner is a little much for a four year old. We will be having good old shop brought scotch pancakes with toppings of a range of fruits and marshmallows and naughty chocolate spread ! 

I have been looking at ideas for next year tho and have come up with five that I think would be great for spacing pancakes out over each meal 

Breakfast : - 

These simple and cute teddy bear face pancakes could be made very simply by using scotch pancakes and a few add on, could also makes faces, pac man, sunshine, endless options really. I think that having the pancakes already made ( or brought ) is a great idea for breakfast as time is key in the morning before school ( plus all the extra washing up? No thanks ) 

Also another simple and easy idea if you have a little more time in the mornings would be to use metal ( not plastic they will melt ) cookie cutters to shape your pancake batter, just pop the cutter into the pan and add some thicken batter. What child wouldn't like hello kitty / batman shaped pancakes??? 

Lunch :- 

Pancake art, now this one looks fun. Not sure how gooof they would taste but who cares right? Just make up the batter as normal into a few bowls and add a few drops of differnt food colour to each then either add mixture into squeeze tubes or you could just use a spoon to create works of modern art for lunch ! I think this would work best with brighter colours as will darken once cooked. 

Dinner :- 

Bacon pancakes , now when to Miami on holiday we visited a Wendy's and I ordered pancakes with pbacon and maple syrup and my god it was so good !!! I've tried to make it again and again but it just isn't the same , I personally think it's our bacon. But I do this this looks yum ! Pair it with some eggs and beans and you've got a pancake based dinner, just part cook the bacon, then add strips of pancakes batter to the pan lay the bacon into the mixture and spoon over more batter ( I may pop to the shop for bacon to make these tonight ) 

Pudding :- 
Bread and butter pancake pudding , now this looks like a thing of beauty and I really really want to try this so I may well do that ASAP mix up a normal bread and butter mix of sugar/cinnamon/milk and eggs and rather then using bread you use...... You got it pancakes! I think shop brought scotch would work best, could even buy the ones with added sultanas. Then bake in the oven like you would a bread and butter pudding could also add soft fruit like the photo shows but I think I'd rather add that once cooked. Be perfect with some ice cream !!! 

So I am now staving hungry and looking forward to getting some pancakes into my tummy !!!! Hope this has given you a few ideas. Please comment on what you'll be having on your pancakes today.