Sunday, 20 March 2016

Current favourites

1. funniest thing that happened to you?

At my day job ( working in a supermarket ) myself and a few other female members of staff like to play a game we call " code red " we use this code when we see an a good looking male customer ! ( we have wakie-takies phones ) and a few shifts ago I got caught out while checking out a "code red" he wasn't even that nice !!! 

2. which books did you read?

I wish I had a look I could name, I hasn't read anything for so long !! But I have been enjoying reading blogs, they count tho right?? 

3. favorite movie ? 
Got to be Deadpool with out a shadow of a doubt, it was everything I hoped it would be and so much more, can't wait to see it again. 

4. something that made you proud of yourself?

bodhi took part in the Mother's Day special assembly, and boy did I well up! It really was lovely and we all got given paintings that our children had done of us. Very sweet and a mega proud mumma moment. 

5. which games did you play?

Ha "code red" ??? And lots of games with bodhi I guess? I am playing a games night within the next few weeks as I have a new game to play & review ( keep your eyes pealed for that ) 

6. did you travel anywhere?

Nope stayed pretty local last few weeks, got a few day trips planed for over the Easter holidays tho. And I really want to go to visit my nan in London soon. 

7. what food have you tried and loved?
We have been enjoying lots of winter type dinners, pie/toad in the hole that soupy of thing, but I am also really looking forward summer meals such as pasta salads and BBQs 

8. which songs have you been listening to the most?
I've been listening to the long blondes and placebo a lot over the last few weeks and a Little bit of the radio ( I never have the radio on , as I don't like current music ) 

9. favorite products , accessories , clothes etc.?

I came across these tops from peacocks and I am very disappointed that they are in the children's range...but I think I could fit into the 13-14 year old one! , I think they would fit like a size 8 ( going into town on Monday so will check them out )  these are a bargain at £8 each 

10. what did you learn?

I have learnt that I really enjoy blogging ( & vlogging ) but I need to keep up the work and to buy myself a note book so I can keep up to date with all my ideas and thoughts. 

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