Thursday, 17 March 2016

ZSL Whipsnade Zoo family day out

We are so lucky that we live just around the corner from ZSL Whipsnade Zoo , the Zoo is located in bedfordshire and is very easy to find.

 Family passes are worth there weight in gold in the Hughes household. Our pass costs £286 for the year this is a family pass and can be for up to five children ( you need to prove that the children live with you when buying the pass ) now £286 sounds like a lot of money... and yes it is.. but let me brake it down. A
one off trip to the Zoo for two adults and one child £62.10 ( adults £22.80 / child £16.50 ) so rough maths, we got five times in the space of the year and thats the covered the cost of the pass, now imagine if you did have five children ( shudder ) it would cost you £128 to visit for one day so a pass really isn't such a bad idea, not only will this pass get you into Whipsnade zoo but also London Zoo and you also get 10% off in the gift shop , train and the cafes & restaurants.

The zoo is a fun family day our for the whole family, Whipsnade also has a huge outside playspace and a soft play ( price covered but ticket cost ) They have talks about the animals from the keepers and the sealion show & bird show are a must, Its easy to spend the day enjoying the wide open spaces and watching the animals.

i would advice taking own food and drinks into the zoo are the price of these is a little eye watering, i am looking forward to many more Zoo trips this year ( and many more years to come after )

Whipsnade also holds special meaning to us as a family, Chris and i had our first real date at the zoo and we also got married at whipsnade in 2008 , we went in with the lemurs and got to feed the giraffes is a day i will never forget for so many reasons.

you can check out more details from the zoo website this also is the London zoo site so make sure your looking on the right one