Tuesday, 15 March 2016

From Mother to Child (living arrows)

This week for my living arrows post i am looking back onto my own childhood and how much of myself i see in my son, His moods (highs and lows) his love of small lumps of plastic and his need for his things and routine to stay the same.

while doing my normal Monday morning job of stripping the beds and putting on clean sheets. i took the frog sheets out of the box, now these frog sheets are MINE i have had them as long as i can remember and I'm nearly 30. i can almost feel myself being my mum putting these funny little frog sheets onto my sons bed.

i love frogs ( still do ) and a lot of my things had frogs on or frog themed one of my childhood favourite toys was my soft toy called Freddie who had his own little bike and you could push down on the bike and it would wiz across the floor. Freddie also now lives in Bodhi's room and yes he is very well loved and looking a little worse for wear, but he still enjoys playing with him like i did all those years ago, and just like when i played with Freddie his eyes often need drawing back on. I have clear memories of asking my dad to " draw Freddie's eyes please daddy "

i kept these items at the time more for myself then for a child i might one day have, as for a very long time i didn't want children. i am so glad i kept them tho and i know Bodhi likes having things passed down from mummy for him now to use.

Did you keep anything from your childhood that your child now has?

Living Arrows