Tuesday, 8 March 2016

simple fake flowers craft project

so mothers day has been and gone and i knew i was working 8-5 on the sunday i wanted to spend some one on one time with Bodhi on the saturday , we had a little think on what we could make and i suggested that we make some fake flowers for mummy to have for mothers day, body seemed keen so i grabbed the bits i needed and off we went !

you will need :

cotton buds
cotton pads
water & paint brushes
water colour paints or felt tip pens
hot glue gun or pva glue
jug / vase
playdoh or clay or something to stick the flowers into !

i also filmed how we made our simple fake flowers so if you'd rather just watch then read please click on the link below


so step one! push the cotton buds into the straws around half way down ( but so the straws can still bend )

step two fold the cotton pad in half to make a triangle and wrap around your straw and cotton bud.

you will then need to use your glue to stick the pad and straw together, i did this with a hot glue gun so please do not let you child use a hot glue gun if this is what you are using hot glue guns get VERY hot and the glue will burn you. glue the pad down in the shape shown in the below photo

once you have done these steps ( if you have younger children i would advice that you have already done these steps with out the child ) you can get painting your flowers, i used a water colour paint set that i have had for year, if you don't have water colours use felt tip pens. paint the flowers with clean water first this will then let the paints or felts bleed into the cotton pads

have fun making your flowers all bright and colourful, i think used playdoh to stick the straws into my jug so they didn't move around. i am really pleased with the finished out come and so was bodhi and these flowers will last much much longer then any you'd pick up from the shop. we had all of our supplies already at hand so these didn't cost us anything extra to make and bodhi and i had a lovely time making and painting together.

i hope you have enjoyed this and will give our simple fake flowers craft project a go.

happy crafting.

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