Wednesday, 27 April 2016

no rest for the wicked ( man flu v mum flu )

So i am sick, 'man flu' well 'mum flu' ( whats the differences? man flu you rest in bed and you get taken care of, mum flu you still feel like crap but have to just get on with it )
Saturday - Took Bodhi to a birthday party in a hall with a bouncy castle , i had a really bad headache and felt pretty rough but thought getting out would do me some good, come the afternoon i told hubby that i was going for a lay down as my body needed to rest

Sunday - I was at work 8-5 and i struggled , but i did it i came home and wanted to DIE! but i didn't

Monday - Bodhi went to school and i went back to bed, my parents picked him up after school and took him for the afternoon and made us dinner so that was lovely!

Tuesday - again Bodhi went to school and i went back to bed, had a very lazy afternoon and then i went to work

Wednesday - ( today) i had a rubbish nights sleep, still full of snot/headache/earache and just feeling yuck. was feeling another relaxed morning but NO Bodhi came in at 6:30 saying he was also poorly and like a mug i believed him.... ( he even talked me into to letting him have breakfast in bed! )
its now 11:30 am and I'm done in, on the count down for bed and yeah, waiting for the asda man to come and bring food and treats. so yeah point of this post? ( isn't really much of one but i haven't uploaded in nearly a week and i don't like that ) i have lots of things that need finishing and filming but I'm so snotty & my voice is horrid so that's not going to happen , so my 'tips' for how to cope with you being poorly while looking after a child.

1 - if you can ask for help ! partner / parents / friends / anyone! you need to look after yourself and last thing you want to do is to pass on your germs to your child.

2 - ipad/netflix Bodhi doesn't get much screen time so if i offer him the iPad while we are in bed he will watch for a good hour or so , in that time nap/shower/puke what ever you need to do.

3 - leave the house work. it really doesn't matter! do what needs doing like plates to eat from and clean pants , but don't push yourself.

4- sleep and lots of it I've been going to bed once Bodhi does at 7pm its lovely it really is.

5 - if you have one have a look in your birthday box for any thing that will keep your child happy ( and you ) such as puzzles/new books/new DVDs

6 - play 'doctors' with your child you be the doctor 1st and explain that your child must 'rest and be nice and quite ' then when its your turn they 'should' copy and tell you that you need to rest and lay on the sofa!

i am praying that my head will stop feeling like cotton wool soon and Bodhi will be back to school tomorrow