Wednesday, 27 April 2016

smart-doh review

*** sorry i keep calling it play - doh !! *** this is so much softer and nicer to play and shape with the PD !

Once you’ve gone Smart, You’ll never go back!

A super‐squidgy, fun, therapeutic dough that teaches children through play and helps to unleash their inner creativity and imagination. Watch them mould, pummel and knead the soft, silky dough into a variety of different masterpieces, while working their little hand muscles to improve their fine motor skills, coordination and concentrating ability.

we was very kindly sent this gift by the maker of smart-doh and i will be placing an order for more soon no doubt, the colours , smells and textures are amazing! I've made my own doh in the past but its always been a little bit naff! the huge range of colours and smells i want to get them all ! i am full of cold this week but even i could smell the mint doh its lush! Bodhi and i spent most of this afternoon playing and shaping with the cutters/roller and play mat we was also sent along with the x3 tubs of doh.

Smart Doh contains natural oils that are absorbed through the skin and moisturize whilst being handled. My play dough range is extensive and includes a wonderful smelling collection of dough infused with organic certified pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils.
Smart Doh provides a reassurance to concerned and caring parents knowing what their child is playing with is all natural and chemical free unlike the play dough available on the market which contains kerosene and boraxParents are now more concerned than ever before about what comes into contact with their child’s skin. I want to make chemical free play dough widely available and aim to provide assurance that the dough is suitable to handle for strict vegans, vegetarians and peace of mind so parents need not worry about their children handling or touching food after playing with this dough.Smart Doh is 100% non‐toxic and fully complies with EN71 safety legislation. Suitable for ages 3 and up, it is available in fun, assorted colours.

Please go and check these guys out they are just starting out and who doesn't love a tub of lovely soft smart - doh !

Prices start from just £2.50 for a tub and you can also buy cutters/rollers and play matts all from