Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Paint by numbers

Who would have thought that something as simple as a paint by number kit from good old pound land would give me a chilled out afternoon during the easter holidays , I picked it up on a whim purely down it to being farm related as this is the theme Bodhi is covering this term at nursery school. Body has never done a paint by numbers before but i thought now that he is four and can recognise numbers i thought it would be a nice crafty project.

Bodhi was very keen to get started , He didn't fully understand the idea of only painting the parts with the same number all at the same time ( he is really into making the big old painty mess that then finishes with the black paint covering the LOT ) 

He soon got the hang of it and really enjoyed making his painting match the one on the packaging, the kit came with everything we needed. Paints / brush the paint by number ( on a canvas board ) and even a test sheet printed on paper ( we used this with felt tips after and it went in Bodhi's Easter scrapbook )

I only helped with the sheep feet the rest was all him, I am so proud that he worked all of the numbers and colour matching. I will defiantly be picking up more of these if i can find other designs , Two big thumbs up from us for this Paint by number kit from pound land, It has pride of place hanging in Bodhi's bedroom. Don't be scared to try out new things with your child even if Bodhi had painted the whole thing in green, Who cares?? it was a £1 and i got to drink a cup of tea while it was still hot and reply to some emails without mum guilt.