Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Half term ideas

I'm pretty new to this half term lark, Bodhi only spends half the day at school in nursery the idea of spending the whole week together is at first a lovely one that soon turns into fear.... Bodhi is four and half and very active and always wanting to play/learn/make and do ! This is normally filled in his three hours while at school. So last night I came up with a few idea of things we could do together that one won't brake the bank and that also mean we spend some time together. ( also the weather is shocking this week so that's really rubbish as I had planed a week of playing in the garden ! )

Build a bed cave/den - this we have done this morning , we have had breakfast and read books under the covers of my bed
Play Lego/playdoh/etc - play like this is great for popping in and out so you can still do the house work and have a hot cuppa and play eith your child
Arts & craft - use what you already have in at home to save a few ££ make art work for local family then go visit them with said art work
Baking - again just have a look at what you have in and get making ( can always look on Pinterest for help )
Netflix / DVD - great way to get some cuddles and I have sometimes even grabbed a little power nap while the boy watches toy story 3 for the 1000 time
Library - most will having events/story telling on within the holidays best to check out and find out what's on
Leisure centers / soft play - great when the weather is rubbish but may be very busy with every other child from your area
Shopping - it's a weekly thing that we all need to do , if you are taking your child with you make it fun for them or you will both get stressed, shopping lists , I spy, etc and if all else fails a bribe of a treat at the end of the shop always works for me !!
Poundshop - give your child a few ££ and let them pick a few items I really do love the poundshop can pick up a new book , DVD , toy and a snack for under a £5 ! They have lots of garden play items in stock now always if the weather improves.

If the weather improves then get out and about while it's nice !! Trips to the park on scotter/bike walk in the woods just getting some fresh air will feel great after a few wet house days, pack a picnic and make a day of it.

Meeting up with friends is also a good idea, either having a play date or meeting up at a local farm or play place. Mums can have a grown up chat while the kids run wild.

What ever you do over half term , take a deep breathe and remember they will soon be back to school !!