Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Winter meals into summer meals

In our house the family favourite meal has got to be pie ( steak or chicken ) we all just love it, clean plates all round, but when the heat starts to pick up the thought of sitting down to eat a steaming hot pie isn't my ideal summer dinner.

simple things like adding a side salad rather then veg or swapping your roast potatoes for maybe a jacket or a new potatoes salad with fresh herbs and mayo and the best thing of all ? eat your dinner out in the garden ( pure bliss )

One of our most loved pies is the wild Beaver pie from Brockleby's Pies these can be ordered online via the website but Chris loves to visit county fairs and Brockleby's are often at our local ones ( Bedfordshire area )

these pies are amazing they are so full of meat its unreal they have a wide range of filling from the normal chicken to more unusual fillings such as venison i am keen to try one of the sweet pies either apple pie or apple & blackberry pie

what is your family's favourite meal? is it more of a winter or summer meal? id love to know in the comments.