Thursday, 5 May 2016

Simple Bird feeder cups #kidsinthegarden

I am linking you with the lovely LarabeeUK for a blog hop with 13 other bloggers each sharing a great kids in the garden post, we love spending time in our garden and lets face it we could all do with a little less screen time and more fresh air time!

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Bodhi has been asking me for a few weeks now to feed the birds in the garden as he often sees our next door putting out bread on her grass. i really don't like doing this as we have a lot of cats in our road and the often catch the birds when they are eating from the ground, so we came up with the idea of making bird feeder cups.

what you will need - 

paper cups
garden string 
lard ( yum )
bird seed 
dried worms 

Now i let Bodhi play and mix all of the dried parts together on our kitchen table but this is up to you and how OCD you are with cleaning and mess! Body loved this and really wanted to try a worm! ( crazy boy ) 

1 - get your paper cup and make a small hole on two sides, thread the garden string to form a handle and a stand for the birds. 
2 -  mix all the dried parts into your paper cups
3 - ( grown up help needed ) melt the lard in a jug ( I just put the while block in for 2 mins and it was melted, it will smell !! ) 
4 - pour the melted lard over the dry mix and stir well
5 - leave overnight to full set 
6 - hang in your garden and enjoy bird watching.