Saturday, 11 June 2016

12 Things i would rather do then be watching UEFA euro football !

I am not a football fan , i come from a long line of none football fans so when the euro rolls around i can't help it. I really dislike the game ( don't get me wrong i don't mind playing football in the park on a weekend or small teams for fun )

Im talking about the big boys the players that get paid mega bucks did you know that Lionel Messi earns an eyewatering £336,000 a week!! thats £2,000 and hour £33 a minute, He is the same age as me and his earnings are well... shocking but this isn't a post about footballers wages its about things i would rather do then watch 90 mintues of the euro football

take a look at this website to find out other footballers wages

1- take a nap ( 90 minutes is the perfect nap length )
2 - have a bath with 90 minutes id have time to wash my hair & shave my legs! bliss
3 - go to the park with Bodhi and play football together
4 - defrost my freezer
5 - go food shopping
6 - hoover my stairs ( this is my most hated house work job )
7 - weed the garden
8 - write a blog post / film a video
9 - read a book , like a real book with pages!
10 - waste 90 minutes on social media
11 - put together IKEA flatpack
12 - poke my eyes out with spoons!

will you be watching the football this month?

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