Wednesday, 15 June 2016

wings arm covers

Wingz sleeves for dresses and tops are the perfect arm covers that will transform your outfit. As wingz do not add another layer they also give the effect of lace/chiffon arm for the outfit and can replicate the look of a shrug without the added bulk.

when i first opened my parcel with my Wingz i wasn't really sure what to make of it , But once on under a no sleeved top i fully understood just how useful this small light weight item of clothing could be to any females wardrobe.

The wingz bottom fits under your bra and then the sleeves fit on your shoulders , My arms are on the slim side so my Wingz fitted a little looser then i thought it would but this wasn't a bad thing on a hot day. I was very impressed with the feel and quality of the wingz as i was worried it would feel like it was cutting into my chest ( this wasn't the case at all ) 

As we have had a few sunny days over the UK I've been out digging out the weeds in my garden i soon became hot and over heating i came inside to grab my hat and i also thought it would be a prefect time to try out my Wingz i had been sent the 3/4 length in white ( most of my clothes are in blacks or greys ) But i liked the two tone look i made with my layers. After another hour or so in the garden my arms didn't feel hot or sweaty ( my legs & back on the other hand ) yuck !

I have a conservation with my mum about wings and we came up with a list of ideas of places they would be useful

- In the garden
- weddings ( in replaces of a shrug/cover up )
- general Travelling ( less to pack )
- UK beach trips/days out ( with our ever changing weather would be good to have the option of sleeves if needed with out taking two whole different tops )
- to cover tattoos/ scars ( perfects for weddings/photos/family events when you don't want these things being the main focus )
- Religious sites ( places such as India/Dubai where you can't visit some landmarks without shoulders & knees covered )
- Dubai shopping Malls ( Again shoulders & knees must be covered in most places in Dubai )

They also come in a range of colours and styles and other lengths , check them out and see what you think for yourself. I can see myself getting a lot of use out of my set of Wingz

* I was sent this item for a review *