Friday, 17 June 2016

Easy DIY fathers day card

Bodhi and i love doing arts & crafts so 99% of the time we will make our own cards anyways but i always feel that shop brought mothers/fathers day card really are either so gushy and sickening or really jokey and a little bit rude!

So we make our own , to make this mega simple card that could be used for any "Ha-Pea" event you will need

* a blank card & envelope
* Green paint
* marker pens
* glue
* stick on eyes

1st step is to paint your childs ( or your own ) thumb with the green paint 
and press down onto the card leaving little green thumb prints ( these are your peas ) do as many as you like for your pod

next either yourself or child ( depending on their level of writing ) will need to draw the pea pod around the thumb prints , Then adding the words " Ha-pea " Fathers day 

By this point this thumb prints should be dry, if not leave until fully dry before you glue over the pea's to add the eyes ( if you don't have any eyes you can always just draw some on )

And thats it ! add what you like to the inside of your card and you have made a very simple yet personal card to give for fathers day (  I also made one for my dad )