Saturday, 23 July 2016

colour mixing with twinkl

I often hear parents/teachers and other bloggers talking about Twinkl and i have to admit i had no clue what it was they were going on about ! so i do what anyone does now and i googled them. I was so pleased i did as i have uncovered a HUGE source of primary resources this will be such a game changer for over the summer holidays it has everything from projects/maths/English/the arts pretty much anything you can think of they will have a resource on it.

for my 1st twinkl project i wanted to start small as to not overwhelm 4 year old Bodhi so we went off the theme of the weeks homework from nursery ( yes my son gets homework once a week from school ) This week it was all about colour mixing. All i did was log on to my free twinkl account ( you can also pay for a higher level of account and i will be looking to do this after holiday ) I typed in colouring mixing and lots of ideas with work sheets popped up.

The 1st ones i printed was the colour mixing record sheets and also the colour mixing display posters. Bodhi really enjoyed working out what colours he would need to put together to make a different colour he told me it was a little bit like arty maths!


Once he understood the rules of colour mixing and how it all worked we next printed off the paper towel colour mixing , Awe & wonder science activity. Bodhi is a huge lover of science so i knew this would keep him interested in the project. The sheet was simple to follow and very clear. We worked together and soon had it all set up and watched the colours meet on the towel and change colours.


We then also added some white carnation flowers into cups of yellow / blue & red dyed water and after a few days the white flowers had turned into the colours from the water . I would love to try this again with white roses with the steams cut and placed into two colours to see if we could get them to mix like the paper towels did.

We had a lovely time doing our ' homework ' and Bodhi was so happy telling his teachers all about what he had learnt, I have lots more ideas booked in for over the 6 weeks holidays now thanks to twinkl. Happy learning everyone.