Tuesday, 19 July 2016

school trip ( 1st time around )

When you are pregnant you can find so much information, from bump to birth and then on to toddler age you can find countless books, guides and helpful information. I have found that once your child gets to nursery age this help and information drys up! As a 1st time mum to a now 4 1/2 year old who will be starting full time school in September i thought i would share my views/tips on all the things you will face 1st time !

So today its school trips!! Argh ! As a mum to a very active and full on child i was in two minds about the trip 1st thing that popped into my head was that id have a WHOLE day to myself and i was thinking of all of the jobs i could get done. Then on the 2nd thing was oh I'd have the WHOLE day to myself ..... a whole day of wondering what he was doing and if he was okay. The trip was to a local petting farm only 20mins away from the school and they would be going via a coach and coming home at 3:30

The school did also want parent helpers , I didn't go for more then one reason but my main reason was that i thought Bodhi would have a better time without me as i know for a fact he is different when i am around other reasons,

* I wanted 6 hours to myself
* I wanted him to enjoy his day without Mum hanging about
* The school didn't need me it was extra help
* I had lots of stuff to be getting on with

So in the week leading up to the trip i had lots of questions

* could they snack in the day or was it only eating at lunch time?
* would they need money for the shop ?
* would they be going around as one big groups or lots of small groups
* suntan cream ?!

The day before the trip we got told to pack the pack lunches into a bag that they could Carry and to label everything I.E hats/bags/shoes and to pack as many drinks that we felt they would drink and that they could stop for drinks as much as they wanted.

drop off was the same as normal and i got home just before 9 and at 9:20 i saw the coach drive past and i spotted a little blond head sitting by the window. I had huge mum guilt that i didn't go along, this soon passed once i got stuck into my job list . I got a lot done in 6 hours but i was glad when at 3:15 i got a text from school saying that they were back and ready to be picked up.

Bodhi had a wonderful day and ate all of his lunch and was 100% worn out, He told me all about what they did and the next day in school i saw the photos and it looks like they did all have a great time.

Top tips for 1st school trip 

* pay asap you will forget and you don't want your child to miss out
* ask the questions that your thinking
* if you can go and you feel your child will enjoy you going then go !
* send them with an extra drink to what you think they will want
* ask them what they want in their lunch
* don't sit and worry all day, go out, do jobs keep busy
* don't ask 1000 question once you've picked your child up

I hope this is helpful if your child is off on a trip for the end of term! More 1st time around posts to come.