Thursday, 14 July 2016

White Glo - Professional Choice whitening toothpaste ( Trial & review )

So, we ALL know someone who is selling toothpastes and mud masks right? Well when i first heard of White Glo i nearly passed up on the chance to try it out. I googled them and was pleased to find only positives and good reviews so i thought why not? Ive always loved my teeth they are little and square and straight and I've always been given stickers by my densits ( Yes even now at the age of 29 ) but i have lately been unhappy with the colour of my teeth, now don't get me wrong they could be a lot worse! but in your own head and mind things always seem worse so once my White Glo turned up i jumped straight in to testing it out. 

Within the box you get a 150g/100ml tube of the extra strength whitening toothpaste , A new white Glo X-Action toothbrush and a pack of white Glo dental flosser Toothpicks.  RRP is £3.99 and can be found on amazon , Boots, Tescos, ASDA, Morrisons and superdrug. 
on my 1st use i was unsure on what to expect , I have never used a whiting toothpaste before. I was pleased to find that While Glo toothpaste tastes and feels just like normal everyday toothpaste. I had it in my mind that for some reason it would feel gritty but this wasn't the case, after the 1st use my teeth felt clean and they stayed feeling clean for the rest of the day. 
I hadn't told anyone i was swapping my toothpaste for White Glo but after a few days of use friends / family and Co-workers had commented that my teeth looked whiter. After my 1st week of using the White Glo toothpaste & brush combo i was very pleased with my out come. The photos i have taken really don't show just how good the results are. My teeth feel clean all day and i no longer have that horrid fuzzy feeling on them come midday. 

I feel a lot more confident about my teeth and smile now thanks to the use of White Glo ! 
( product sent for review but ALL opinions are my own )