Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Tips for packing Hand luggage with a four year old

As our flight is only 2 1/2 hours long and Bodhi has done it for the last 3 years i thought that i could trust him to pack his own hand luggage , I think that he did pretty well i did have to take out a few bits and bobs and I've also popped in some spare clothes ( Just in case ) 

Top tips for packing hand luggage with a child. 

* In the run up to your holiday go shopping once without your child and once with 

* When your alone have a look at options and ideas so once you take your child with you , you can guide them into picking the items you would have picked while shopping solo ( This tip also works with Husbands!! ) 

* Let them pick out a magazine before hand , the more free gifts the better! The "summer" themed magazines all seem to be around the £3.99/£4.99 mark and i was pretty shocked by this when other months the same magazines are £2.75/£3 so tip for myself for next year is to buy a few magazines before summer season hits

* pack snacks ( you know what your child likes ) I have taken a few items out of multi packs and the rest have gone into the suitcase these are also great for days out as some places abroad doesn't really sell snacks that your child is used to in the UK ( We have packed from the Kiddylicious range ) 

* Like i said pack spare clothes either to change into once you land or in case of any accidents 

* pads of paper/stickers/felt tips are all great ways to pass the time while in flight

* If all else fails let you child play on your phone / iPad / tablet ( It isn't the best but if it keeps them happy and stops them moaning who really cares??? ) 

So we are off ! no uploads while i am away , I will make up for it once i am home. 

Bye guys