Friday, 12 August 2016

Kiddylicious the perfect holiday snack

A family summer holiday can often be stressful in the planning and before having a child i would never have thought to take snacks away with me to enjoy while i was away, Children's tastes are all different and so are the snacks you can buy. We spend our summer holidays in the south of Spain and i have struggled with what to buy that isn't full of sugar and will keep in the heat. We are huge Kiddylicious fans and they are Bodhi's go to snack while we are out and about so i knew i wanted to take these away with us this year. 

We took a range of snacks that we was very kindly sent to enjoy and Bodhi was soon tucking into a bag of veg straws on the aeroplane, We all really enjoyed these and they got shared about with cousins and nanny & granddad as well , We did all agree tho that these would be even better with a dip ! 

While we was away we spent the day out at the local zoo, Knowing i had a few snacks in the boy for the boys was great as the only thing the zoo had on offer was ice creams 

Bodhi and his cousins enjoyed having a little rest in the shade and shared a bag of the new pea snaps, The older boys loved the fruit wriggles and didn't believe me when i told them that they are made from fruit ! Just goes to show that " children " snacks don't have to only be for younger children to enjoy.

We also enjoyed lots of time playing in the pool and the boys spent ages playing with the balloons in the pool ( only used for play not at a float ) As we all know everyone is always hungry after a swim so once again i brought out a few bags of snacks for the boys that they enjoyed pool side ( granddad does have a strict no food in the pool rule but after seeing how mess free and nicely the boys ate these he didn't mind )


What would a week to Spain be without a trip to the beach we went pretty much every afternoon, one of the things i like most about the kiddylicious snacks is that they are in single serving sizes so no messing about just grab and go, The boys didn't seem to mind the added sand ! 

You can pick up Kiddylicious in supermarkets , on line and in Boots stores They are often on deals i would strongly suggest these as your go to snack for taking away on holiday this summer or even on days out within the UK 

As always Kiddylicious gets a big two thumbs up from myself and Bodhi 
you can check out the range of snacks on the website ( Bodhi loves the  smoothie melts )