Friday, 9 September 2016

Housework Jobs for children ( nearly 5 years old )

When i was a child i used to get £2.50 a week pocket money on the condition that my room was kept tidy and i was doing okay in school , The school side of things was pretty easy but keeping my bedroom tidy that often was the sticking point to no pocket money !When i did get my pocket money  I would spend my money on swimming, comics , sweets ( man makes me feel old ) 

Now that i have a son of my own ( mind he is only 4 1/2 ) He is always asking for things, Magazines, DVDS, toys , games , stickers etc and when you start adding it up it soon turns into a lot more then the £2.50 i used to get ! 

I want Bodhi to have an understanding of money and to sometimes have to save for things he really wants. The other day he wanted wanted a DVD ( of a film that is on netflixs !! ) so i said no and explained to him that if could do jobs to earn the money so he could buy the DVD himself. He didn't like the idea of this much and no longer wanted the DVD. 

A few days later while driving Bodhi asked me what kind of jobs he would have to do for his money, I said i would get back to him on that one ! then he also said he wanted a £1 for each job ( Erm no ! ) so after having a good think and a few hours wasted on pinterest i have come up with a list that i feel are job that Bodhi can do and enjoy to do for 20p per job.

 * Dirty washing in this washing basket ( This isn't 20p each time but if he does it over the week without being told )
* Getting dressed & ready for school in the mornings ( Again over the week )
* Clearing his breakfast things from the table ( All week ) 
* Helping me to change and make his bed ( 20p for each so 40p up for grabs ! )
* Toys tidy and away at the end of the day before bed ( All week ) 
* Pairing up clean socks from the washing ( 20p per basket ) 
* Feeding pets ( Cat/Fish & Tortoise ) 
* Any extras such as helping me with house work ( now to be far i do 90% of my house work while  he is at school or in bed ) Things like putting the washing on, Hanging it out, dusting , hoovering , setting the table for dinner. 

* I have also said bigger jobs like helping to wash the cars or do gardening will be paid at a 50p rate ( So guess what Bodhi has asked to do this weekend!! ) 

I feel i would rather give him Job money for him to save up to buy this own things will do him some good, He has a piggy bank that he is putting all of his money and over the last 3 weeks he has earnt £3.80 so pretty good going i would say. I will of course still be buying him treats and gifts but as a family we all need to cut back and be spending less.

What Jobs do your children do and what ages are they ?