Thursday, 8 September 2016

handmade book bag charm ( Lyndsaymarie-Miniatures )

When i found out that Bodhi would be using a book bag for school rather then a rucksack i was a little worried about it getting lost or him coming home with the wrong bag !! I have a friend who makes and sells miniature food for doll play or key rings, I asked her nicely to make Bodhi a bag charm key ring and i was so pleased i did ! Not only did she make him a beautifully handmade bag charm its a one of a kind and perfect ! 

I gave her the theme of sweets and was very impressed with the outcome ( The flump even glows in the dark ! ) the charm clips on and off to his bag and i know that no other child in his school will have one like this. Bodhi knows that if he picks up a bag that hasn't got this bag charm on that it isn't his. 

Lyndsay has a Facebook page The page is full of photos of doll house food and house hold items, key rings and other bits and bobs , She also makes lovely poppy pins for the poppy appeal, All of her items are made by herself in her bedroom/studio 

Commissions start at £5 and Lyndsay is more then happy to work on ideas that customers have, Postage is not an issue, I would defiantly recommend these for children of a school age, They would also be great on lunch boxes. 

Bodhi loves his bag charm and couldn't wait to show it off to his teachers and school friends on his 1st day back at school. Also her Doll house food is amazing and the detail is just crazy ! It works best with barbie size dolls. 

Do you have a much loved keyring/bag charm ? Its a running joke with me and my husband that i have more keyring then i do keys, But i just can't help it i have a huge soft spot for key rings ! 

* Lyndsay swapped the bag charm for this review *