Monday, 26 September 2016

How to feel better when your unwell .

Now as a parent it's very hard to have sick days, even if you call in sick for your paid work job you really still have to be a parent ( I'm talking about head cold / cold like poorly ) if you are really unwell then you'll need to sort out childcare. 

I have a on going medical condition and with that I have a lower immune system so I often get run down and days when I don't feel my best. 

I have a few tips and tricks into helping you feel more human when you feel like crap but still need to be a mum 

1- Rest when you can , if you have a baby sleep when they nap if your child is at nursery / school age sleep / rest while they are out

2 - keep drinking lots ( and i mean lots ) this will help flush it all out 

3 - keep dinners simple , feeding your family a take away or a ready meal is better then not feeding them at all.

4 - have a shower over a bath , wash your hair 

5 - listen to music while you rest 

6 - drink flat Coke / fizzy drinks 

7 - go to bed as early as you can to sleep ( not on Facebook / candy crush ) 

8 - if you still feel rotten as for some help ! Other half / your parents / friends anyone you trust don't be too proud to ask for help ! 

Feel better soon !!