Thursday, 15 September 2016

The ultimate bathroom book * REVIEW *

Thinking of Bathroom books i often think of the joke/fun fact type ones that often my dad would end up getting as a Christmas gift, Due to the age of the smart phone the bathroom book has become out dated, When Soakology ( one of the uk leading bathroom specialists ) wanted bloggers to read & review the book i thought why not , I am happy that i did the book is full of interesting facts and imagery of bathrooms across the ages and world. 

Bodhi ( who is 4 1/2 ) Also loves this book and we will sit and look at the picture together while his bath is running. It covers chapters such as time line of the modern bathroom design , the worlds best & worst bathrooms , and our favourite the craziest bathroom ever ( did you know that in Taiwan they have a restaurant that is bathroom themed ! ) 

We have had lots of comments on our new bathroom book and it does now live by our toilet for reading material, You can buy the book online direct from soakology at £14.99 with free shipping. Its as great fun book full of useful bathroom information. A perfect gift or something to just buy for yourself for in your bathroom, I also feel the book will come in handy for Bodhi while he is at school as the book has lots of facts and sats about history and bathrooms across the world. 

Long live the bathroom book !