Friday, 2 September 2016

pound shop tips

I love a pound shop, I often will go and do a big shop to stock up but i used to fall into the pound shop trap of buying things that i could in face get cheaper in other shops so i thought i would share some pound shop tips with you all

1 - If you can shop alone , taking a child/other half or friend will make you pick up things you didn't want or need.

2 - Don't go into a pound shop hungry ! you will pick up way too many snacks/sweets ( same goes for buying a drink ) I always try to have a bottle of water with me. This being said pound land do bottles of drinks 2 for £1 so if you do need a drink the pound shop is the best place to pick one up.

3 - Check your cupboards the number of time i would buy BBQ sauce or beans without needing them

4 - spread the cost of birthdays/Christmas by picking up 1/2 items each trip into the pound shop

5 - stick to brands you know you like, these will save you money over supermarkets/drugstores

6 - some items are cheaper in other shops/ I used to buy my cotton buds from the pound shop i then found i could buy them from Wilkos for 39p ... no brainier really.

7 - Always take a bag ! nothing worse then saving money to then have to spend out on bags.

Do you love a pound shop ? i know i do !