Friday, 2 September 2016

Fuzzikins Craft Dozy Dogs *REVIEW*

Over the summer we have had some very wet rainy days, The Dozydogs Fuzzikins was the perfect way to spend the afternoon. The kit comes with everything you will need to make and create a a family of dogs, They are covered in a fuzzy felt this is the base for the dogs fur , Bodhi really enjoyed  using the felt tip pens and giving the dogs different colours furs. 

The kit states for ages 5+ Bodhi is 4 1/2 and got on just fine with this project and was soon finished with the colouring part, The next step was to make the sleeping bags and sleep masks for the little family.

This stage i showed Bodhi what do to ( its a very simple poking and pushing ) He only needed showing once and was really pleased that he didn't need my help, Its lovely to give him a project and let him have the freedom to do it pretty much solo. 

The project took Bodhi just over an hour, once finished he then spent the of the afternoon playing with the dogs, waking them up and putting them to bed. The kit also comes in a cat  & rabbit version and RRP is £12.99 i feel think would make a great birthday gift or a kit to keep for a rainy day / sick day. 

The kit are coming soon to shops and on line , The craft box range via interplay has a huge range of making and doing kits. 

Huge thank you as always to Interplay for sending us this kit to test out and review. Body has given it two thumbs up and has said " It was a really fun thing to do while it was raining and we couldn't play in the garden "