Wednesday, 19 October 2016

#brightFuture Challenge with Unilever

( This postis an entry for britmums #brightFuture challenge , sponsored by Unilever ) 

At unilever they believe that the only future our children should be facing is a brighter one and i am fully backing this ! I want my son to grow up without the worries that the world still faces, I want him to be kind and giving and to care about our planet and all of the people that live on it. 

Domestos, Sanitation and hygiene are such huge factors within the world , Shocking but some places in the world still don't have running water or the use of clean water for washing. I am trying to teach Bodhi to not waste water, We often share baths ( I go in 1st as i love my baths super hot ! ) Turning the tap off while brushes our teeth and to also keep our bathrooms and kitchens clean and safe spaces for everyone.

Dove, The Dove self esteem project has worked closely with leading psychologists, academics and experts to create materials, making a positive impact on 19 million young lives, Even at such a young age Bodhi is fully self aware and he wants to be clean and smelling fresh as his mum i want for him to be happy and to not have any body worries. Dove its not only kind to your skin but its giving back. 

Persil, We love Persil none-Bio in our house i have always had skin flare ups and none-Bio is the only thing i can use on my clothes, Now Bodhi is at school i am doing more washing to keep up with school clothes and home clothes. Trying my hardest to teach him that if you wear a tee-shirt for two hours its okay to wear it again the nest day! As like most children Bodhi has the idea that once an item of clothing has touched him it will then need to be washed! ( Pants & socks and they only exception to the rule ) I also wash our clothes at lower temperatures and i make sure my machine is full before the wash goes on. 

Our items also came in a lovely canvas tote bag, with the 5p bag change being in place for over a year now it is shocking to see so many still using plastic bags, This canvas bag is the perfect size for me to pop into my handbag just in case i pick a few items up from the shops. Why not leave a few bags in your boot or pop a light weight bag into your today! 

What else can we do to insure our children #brightFuture 

* re use and recycle - we take 80% of our cardboard and junk items into school to be turned into wonderful works of art
* spend 5 minutes less in the shower 
* put jumper and slippers on before the heating
* turn lights off when leaving a room ( I'm really bad at this one ) 
* get out and enjoy the free fresh air

Some interesting figures:

  • Six out of ten parents saying that they have started to live in a ‘greener’ way at home at the suggestion of their children.
  • 83% of children continue to feel optimistic about their own future and 59% feel optimistic about the future of the environment.
  • Most parents (between 70-80%) believe that, compared with themselves, their children will live longer, have a better education and better job prospects, and will enjoy life more, even if they will have to work harder to reap the rewards of the greater benefits ahead.

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