Monday, 17 October 2016

IMC Mickey mouse clubhouse Fire set * PLAY & REVIEW *

when we signed up to review a new range of toys from IMC all i knew was it was mickey mouse fire house who knew what was coming our way, When the doorbell rang and a HUGE box was given to me with IMC across the sides i was like a kid at Christmas! so you can only imagine how Bodhi was when we opened the box together, 

We had been sent the Mickey mouse clubhouse - to the rescue fire station ( RRP £35 ) the Mickey mouse clubhouse - emergency fire truck ( RRP £25 ) and to top it all off Mickey mouse clubhouse - Mickey & Donald to the rescue figure set ( RRP £7 ) Bodhi wanted to get playing right away this is when the only down side of the range came to light, All of the items are very well kept in place within the packaging via screws / string / plastic and all sorts of crazy things! if i had known this before hand i wouldn't have let Bodhi unbox it all with me ( Also a good thing to know before giving this on Christmas morning or a birthday ! ) I had to get Hubby to take it all of out the boxes once Bodhi was asleep. 

The other slight draw back is the sticker sheet ! The fire house has over 40 stickers that you need to put in the right places, the instructions are pretty clear its just a little bit of a faff and if Bodhi was hanging around while waiting for this to be done i could see myself getting a little bit stressed.

Once its all fitted into place and the stickers are on the fire house is a pretty cool toy! comes with a Mickey & Mini figure and lots of fire fighting equipment.  Slide down the fireman’s pole, train in the training room and put out fires with the expandable hose. You can even have a little sleep in between shifts with the pull out bed! Packed full of features and fire fighter accessories, this is the ultimate play set for Mickey fans. Special Mickey and Minnie figures activate the lights & sounds when you place them in the control room seat, its magic! 

  • Over 12 accessories including a cat to rescue!
  • Includes magic Mickey & Minnie figures which activate lights and sounds.
  • 3 realistic fire station sounds.
  • Compatible with the Mickey Emergency Fire Truck (Each sold separately)
  • Expandable hose and crane feature
  • Contents: Fire Station play set Minnie and Mickey figures
  • Batteries Required: 2 AAA batteries (Not included)

The Fire truck alone would be an amazing imagination toy for any child ( the Range is aimed at children ages 36 month plus due to smaller parts ) Bodhi is five in the new year and i can see him getting years of play out of this! Like the fire station the fire truck also comes with a figure this time another Mickey and the truck lights up and makes noises. 

  • Magic Mickey figure which activates lights and sounds
  • Features realistic fire engine sounds
  • Set is packed full of fire fighting tools
  • Push the hose to shoot out the water
  • Contents: A Fire Truck and magic Mickey figure
  • Batteries Required: 2 AA batteries (included)

As if this wasn't enough we also got sent a double figure set of Mickey and Donald fire fighters they came equipped with their special Fireman suits, a hose and an extinguisher, they are ready for any fire emergency! Set contains 1 x Mickey figure, 1 x Donald, 2 x accessories. Figures are fully articulated. So working at our fire station we do have x3 Mickeys x1 Mini and x1 Donald but you can never have too many small figures as you can be sure one ( or two ) will always go missing !!! 

Bodhi loves This play set and its amazing sitting back and watching his imagination at work, Poor Mickey and the gang have been very busy helping out all sorts of problems ( I think we have Fireman Sam to blame for some of this ! ) 

Bodhi said " I Love playing the hero and saving the day, The set is lots of fun but i do get cross when they don't fit into the fire truck " 

Over all this is a wonderful play set and it will be on lots of children Christmas lists this year i am sure! Thank you once again to IMC for sending these toys out for us to test, We really enjoy doing this in return for the review.