Monday, 5 December 2016

5 year old boy stocking filler gift guide

Each year as Bodhi ( nearly five ) gets older i find it so much easier to buy for him, But this in its self is a problem as i don't want to over buy for man reason 1) Being an only child i don't want to spoil him with gifts 2) funds... money is tight few ££ there and here soon add up and i will not get into dept over Christmas 3) his birthday is at the end of January and we just don't have the space for piles of gifts.

so with this in mind we have chosen to with the help of father Christmas and the below mention brands keep Christmas low key this doesn't mean Bodhi won't have any thing to open come Christmas morning it just means I'm not buying items for the sake of it.

pipity activity books are a great buy at only £4.99 per book they will give your child hours of fun for long car rides/ aeroplane trips or on a rainy wet afternoon. We have the puppet show book aswel as games on the go, Both full of colouring / games and fun. you can also buy the activity case for £24.99  ( full review of this to come in the new year ) 

Next we have this amazing puzzle / game from laurenceking Story box is a create you own fairy tale with the aid of the puzzle. you get x20 puzzle parts for coming up with a range of stories. Bodhi loves to make up stories and to use his imagination so i know he will really enjoy this and so will i ! priced at £9.95 its a real bargain and a great gift idea for any child.

Another fun and family based game for his stocking is the TY domino game made by TACTIC This game is based on the classic domino's but in this version you have the mega cute TY beanie boos to match up on your cards. you can buy the game via amazon for £7.99 for ages 4+ this would then be a great game to get out to play as a family after Christmas lunch. 

The last item we have very kindly been sent for Bodhi is by interplay and its a craft/play kit you get all you need to create you own pencil pets we have the puppy pack but you can also get a cat version they also come in two different colour packs blue and pink ( as shown ) and also yellow & purple these would be great as a joint gift for siblings. They are £4.99 

Be sure to check out my youtube channel over the month of December as i am taking part in vlogmas ( uploading each day of the month ) you can see these items in more detail on day 2 along with a few other items i picked up for his stocking.